Charlene Rhodes
Premiering on KVIE on September 17 will be a ten part, eighteen hour documentary on the Vietnam War. Filmed by award winning filmmaker Ken Burns, along with Lynn Novick, the project has taken ten years to film.
As part of the upcoming series, KVIE interviewed several residents from our surrounding communities on how the war impacted their lives.  Among the fourteen interviewed is our own Charlene Rhodes (Class of 1965) and Phoebe Wendt Astill (Class of 1961).
It is uncertain whether the interviews will be televised along with the documentary.  However, all fourteen interviews are a must see and available to view online:
My Viet Nam War Story - Phoebe Astill. The Astill family lived near the Roseville railyard for years. On April 28, 1973, a naval ammunitions train transporting 7000 bombs bound for Vietnam caught fire and triggered a series of massive explosions. Astill recalls her own experience during a disaster that damaged more than 5000 structures and destroyed the small town of Antelope.  See the video here:
My Viet Nam War Story - Charlene Rhodes.  Charlene Rhodes went to high school with four classmates who died serving their country in Vietnam. Rhodes remembers these young men, and what her 1965 graduating class did 50 years later to honor their memory.  See the video here: